True Farma is a medical cannabis company focused on providing education and easy access to lab-tested, dose-specific cannabis and full-spectrum, hemp-derived products from carefully screened manufacturers. True Farma is a privately held company that offers a wide variety of health and wellness products for humans and pets via its online stores:

  • TrueFarmaCBD.com is a national Cannabidiol (CBD) site that provides front-door delivery of the best-of-breed, full-spectrum hemp-derived products to customers over 18 years of age in all 50 states.
  • TrueFarma.com is a site that offers medical cannabis products that contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for delivery within California only to those 21 and older.

True Farma has established partnerships with leading cannabis manufacturers and organizations, including:

  • Aunt Zelda’s - Well-respected cannabis manufacturing experts and R&D pioneers. True Farma is the exclusive statewide retail distributor of Aunt Zelda’s products.
  • Oncology Centers and Hospitals Statewide in California - True Farma’s unique advocate model allows sponsoring of educational events for healthcare professionals.
  • Radicle Health - A management services organization that provides cannabis education, advocacy, and access to cannabis patient care.



True Farma is also founding sponsor of Creative Change Productions, a non-profit organization whose mission is to Change the Narrative about medical cannabis and hemp.

CCP's focus has been to fill a huge gap in the medical cannabis world with education that benefits patients, health care providers, and the public at large. Their passion is to explain medical cannabis and hemp as a traditional form of healing, offer guidelines on how to choose and use cannabis non-psychoactively, with proper dosing, and effective results.

Used properly, medical cannabis can be effective in:

Pain Relief

Alleviating pain from inflammation, injury and disease

Damage Limiter

Limiting neurological damage from strokes, trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia

Opioid Substitute

Weaning patients from opioid addiction

Added Benefits

Slowing the growth of breast cancer tumors

Disease Treatment

Treating stomach and bowel diseases such as celiac disease, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and Crohn's disease

Benefits for Children

Treating children with epilepsy